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Gettysburg, cited as the most famous small town in America, offers a small-town atmosphere with big attractions. It offers a variety of unique shops, museums, the largest collection of outdoor sculptures in the world and 6,000 acres of battlefields along with a myriad of simply delicious eateries. Savor Gettysburg Food Tours is the first and only walking food tour of its kind in the area and offers an unmatched "Taste Experience" while traversing historic roads and learning about the countless tales of civilian life during the battle of Gettysburg. Savor Gettysburg Walking Food Tours provides a mouth-watering alternative to the other tours that can only be seen through a bus window. If you enjoy walking, and sampling some of the best cuisine in the area, then Savor Gettysburg Food Tour is your one-stop-shop!

Gettysburg's most loved eateries, combined with our town's unique culture and history, is the perfect recipe for a delicious, unforgettable hometown historic afternoon.  Try our most talked about food & wine tours!

• Experience a memorable tour with entertaining and passionate    tour guides.

• Support local Gettysburg food establishments. 

• Enjoy unique culinary food samplings, enough for lunch.

• Discover Gettysburg's unique historic and charming town.

   Learn for yourself why it's cited the most famous small town in


• Satisfy your taste buds and look forward to a whole lot of fun!

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Savor Gettysburg Food Tours!

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We offer a 3-hour food tasting experience coupled with a cultural and historical walking tour of the town of Gettysburg.  We cover a distance of just under one mile of non-continuous walking.  We unite food and fun together in a way that only Gettysburg can deliver.  Our tours are suitable for all age groups and fitness levels, and you’ll have the chance to experience Gettysburg’s finest culinary delights from an array of ethnic eateries, historic taverns, family owned bistros and wineries, while at the same time discovering a town filled to the brim with history. We can assure you that you’ll walk away with happy taste buds from exploring our town's culinary treasures, knowledge of our unique town’s historical significance and the appetite to continue exploring this fascinating gem we call Gettysburg.